Learn How to Operate the Main Fragrance Terms

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When you come to a store to get a new scent, it’s very important to know what exactly you are looking for. Aside from deciding on the notes that must be in the fragrance, you’ll have to pick the concentration. That’s why you need to lean the main terms and differentiate them.

5 major terms you need to know when buying a fragrance

Every store, including Perfumedor.es, classify the products by the category. These categories include perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne.

The first one is the most expensive. Perfumes come in small bottles and are highly concentrated. It’s the purest form of fragrance ever with about 30% of the actual essence.

Less rich but very strong is eau de parfum. It has about 15% of the actual perfume essence. However, the difference is almost imperceptible to the human nose. This version is cheaper and very popular. It is certain to stay on your skin for a long time.

The nest widely popular option is eau de toilette. It contains 5 to 8% of the perfume essence and is perfectly suitable for summer. You should also remember that it’s not worse than perfume. They simply have different goals because they are designed for different occasions and events.

The last one is eau de cologne. It has up to 5 percent and is designed for men.

You can easily come across scented sprays, mists, etc. They are very light as they’ve got even less essential fragrance.

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