What is an anxiety disorder

What is an anxiety disorder

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Increased anxiety differs from ordinary anxiety in that it is intrusive, negatively affects the quality of life and disrupts daily human activities. In addition, to be considered as a sign of anxiety disease, it must appear regularly for six months and if with each passing day it becomes more difficult to control this feeling.

There are six main types of anxiety syndrome, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive syndrome, social phobia, particular phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientists identify two main factors that affect the development of anxiety syndromes, such as heredity and stress.

The main symptom is a constant feeling of anxiety, which lasts at least six months, provided that there are no reasons to be nervous or they are insignificant, and the emotional reactions are disproportionately strong. This means that anxiety changes lives: you refuse to work, projects, walks, meetings or acquaintances, some kind of activity only because you worry too much.

Other symptoms indicating that feeling of anxiety becomes a real disease:

● constant fatigue;
● insomnia;
● constant fear;
● inability to concentrate;
● inability to relax;
● trembling hands;
● irritability;
● dizziness;
● frequent heartbeat, although there is no heart disease;
● excessive sweating;
● pains in the head, stomach, muscles (if there it is not related to any other health problems).

If it is necessary, drug therapy with antidepressants or modern tranquilizers can be used to eliminate acute symptoms, relieve anxiety and depression, such as drugs of benzodiazepine group which must be taken only under the supervision of a physician.

As every medicine, these drugs have a lot of contraindications and side effects (for instance, addictive) with which you have to be informed before buying and starting to use it.

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